Our goal is to help pet owners give their pets the happiest life possible. While other companies may use the cheapest shipping methods possible to save money, our priority is the health and happiness of our animals while being transported.

We use premium shipping supplies to maintain temperature & humidity as well stabilization. All animals are shipped in a way that will prevent as much stress as possible. This may even mean they are in a sample of our "Living Dirt"™ substrate for their comfort and can be used to help seed your enclosure. Just getting there "alive" isn't good enough. 

All of our products are sent by USPS Priority 2 day shipping. 

To assure your order will be in the best physical condition, all orders must be held at the post office for pick up. All packages are mailed in  with the U.S.P.S. regulations and guidelines*

Unfortunately when our stock leaves our facility, we are no longer in control of their well-being and unfortunately there can be loss. We will happily work with you if something goes wrong during transport. All D.O.A. claims MUST be filed within 1 hour of package pickup. Pictures must be attached that show animals in original packaging, dead. Please honestly answer any questions we may ask to prevent future loss. Items that were lost due to the delivery process will be replaced at our expense, no refunds will be granted.

*Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail > 5 Perishable Matter > 52 Animals

The full cooperation of the mailer is essential in order to safely and effectively transport animals through the mail. The following factors are applied to all shipments of mailable live or dead animals:

  1. Protection of Postal Service employees and the public against harm from dangerous or diseased animals.

  2. Protection of the mail and the environment against the following:

    1. Damage to the shipping container or other mailpieces from either the animal or the refrigerant used (e.g., moisture or condensation from melting ice, or pressure build–up from dry ice).

    2. Obnoxious odors and noise.

  3. Protection of animals against death, or protection of animal specimens against spoilage, taking into account the following:

    1. Expected time in transit.

    2. Expected temperature in transit (weather conditions).

    3. Packaging, including insulation against impact, heat, cold, and preventing suffocation.

  4. Ability of an animal to survive without food or water during transport. Live animals must be transported without food or water, because liquids, moisture, and loose foodstuffs can cause damage to the shipping container, other mail, and Postal Service equipment during transport.

  5. The ability of the Postal Service to provide transportation and delivery service. Mailers are urged to work with postmasters in providing advance notification of shipments of live animals. The Postal Service advises destination and transfer offices when any significant quantities of animals are moving in the mail. Postal Service field personnel should consider a 4–hour time limit on the period during which animals (especially bees, day–old poultry, and adult birds) may move in a regular, closed Postal Service vehicle.


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