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Topock Arizona

We Started this company for YOU!!! 

We opened our doors during the COVID-19 Pandemic, to make sure people who were struggling to feed their families didn't have to let their pets go hungry.
We officially opened our doors on May 1st 2020, with no stock on hand because we gave it all away to those who needed it. 
And we enjoyed doing it!
We decided to keep helping those in need, please if you need help,
just contact us!!

Now make an appointment!!

In order insure our customers receive the attention they deserve, we are available in person by appointment only.

Appointment Hours

Mon - Thurs.: 6am - 3pm

Friday:   6am - 6pm​​

Saturday: 6am - 6pm

​Sunday: 6am-2pm

Feel free to contact us with questions or special requests: